a laptop and various tools.

Computer Repair

We support all major brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Razer, and more. 50/Hour - 30 Day Guarantee

Tech Services

juniper network switch with blue patch cables. credit: Brett Sayles

Professional Services

Digital Portfolio Management, HIPAA Compliance, Managed SOC2 NOC, and more! We are ready to engage with your team!

Discovery Call

data server racks with mesh doors.

Managed WordPress

Scalability is easy with our Managed WordPress powered by LiteSpeed! Let us handle all the traffic you can drive!

Service Pricing

3 Data Centers in the United States - One amazing Support Team in Morton County North Dakota. Call 701-581-5280!

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Same Day Printing Services

Standard B/W $0.05/page
Standard Color $0.10/page
Cardstock B/W $0.10/page
Cardstock Color $0.15/page
4x6 Photo Paper $0.65/page
5x7 Photo Paper $0.75/page
8x10 Photo Paper $1.00/page